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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Lindsay Lohan And The Entitlement Generation Benefit From Flowers At Work

Over (Lindsay Lohan song)
Over (Lindsay Lohan song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Lindsay Lohan is well known not just for her acting ability, but also for her party girl ways. Unfortunately, it would seem the fun she has off the set occasionally affects the work she does on the set since she recently received a letter from the firm producing her latest movie, Georgia Rule, scolding her for unprofessional behavior. The letter chastised Lohan for behaving in a "discourteous, irresponsible, and unprofessional" manner, stating that she'd been late for work on several occasions and hadn't come at all on others. Many businesses that employ young people in Lohan's generation may not be all that surprised by such "bad" behavior-after all, that generation is referred to as the "entitlement generation."

People born between the years of 1979 and 1994 are members of the so-called "entitlement generation." The moniker comes from the perception that these young people believe they deserve special treatment and perks simply for showing up. Of course, most employers don't see it that way! However, a survey conducted by Wayne A Hochwarter of Florida State University's College of Business suggests that this idea really is more of a perception than a reality. In fact, Hochwarter contends that what this generation really wants is long-term career opportunities.
Lindsay Lohan at Calvin Klein Spring 2007 Fash...
Lindsay Lohan at Calvin Klein Spring 2007 Fashion Show Afterparty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hochwarter believes the reason for the attitudes projected by young people of the generation has its roots in the way they were raised. He says, "A lot of it has to do with this generation's upbringing. A lot of these children didn't have a lot of parental supervision." He went on to say that these young people are used to instant gratification because they grew up with technological advances that made fast results possible-things like cell phones, email, and instant messaging.

But, Hochwarter also says that the entire generation should not be judged as lazy and unwilling to work. On the contrary, they do want to work, they simply need to be challenged. He points out that this generation brings "significant talent, energy, and technical savvy to the workplace."

One key to tapping into the potential of these workers is through recognition when they do perform well. Letting employees know that you appreciate their hard work is an excellent way to ensure the great performance continues. And, it really doesn't take a lot of effort or money to recognize someone for a job well done. Flowers are an excellent way to let someone know how much they're appreciated. They're easy to order, cost relatively little money, and they can be personalized to fit anyone and any situation. For example, if a male employee has recently landed a big account, you might consider sending a green or flowering plant with a note offering your congratulations and specifically mentioning the event. Or, if a female employee has developed an exceptional solution that will save the company a lot of money, you might want to send a large, showy bouquet of brightly colored flowers that will really draw attention to her achievement.

So, though Lindsay Lohan's employer found it necessary to do a bit of scolding to get her behavior moving in the right direction, the production company may find that letting her know when they're pleased with her work will keep Lohan focused on the task at hand. Perhaps the next report we'll hear of Lohan's behavior on the set will involve a great big bouquet of flowers and a note of thanks for a box office hit.

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