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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pure Acai Berry For Your Health

A bottle of Berry Punch Minute Maid
A bottle of Berry Punch Minute Maid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Have you tried PURE ACAI BERRY?

English: grove of Acai palms. Deutsch: Die Aça...
English: grove of Acai palms. Deutsch: Die Açaí-Palme oder Kohlpalme wächst in Überschwemmungswäldern (Várzea) im unteren Amazonasgebiet, insbesondere in den brasilianischen Bundesstaaten Pará und Amapá. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Acai Berry has long been marketed as a dietary supplement and is known for its antioxidant properties - a super fruit that can turbo charge your weight loss efforts. 

Using the unique iNacai-VTM formula Pure Acai Berry Max 100% pure Acai Berry of the highest quality with other natural nutrients which do not only aid slimming but also helps fit fatigue and tiredness as well helping keeping your immune system as string as can be - putting Pure Acai Berry Max ahead of the competition! 

What are the benefits?

Incubationer LTD

• Free Successful Detox & Weight Management Ebook
• 100% Pure Acai Berry
• Massive 1500mg of Pure Acai Berry per serving
• Pure Acai Berry Max contains nothing but Pure 100% freeze dried acai
• Contains no fillers or additives
• Acai is a type of bioflavonoid antioxidant
• High ORAC antioxidant rating
• May help to maintain normal metabolism and energy production
• Rich in healthy fats, known as Omegas
• Contains 19 different amino acids, the building blocks of protein
• Shipped from the United Kingdom
• 180 day money back guarantee
• Can help with skin and hair pigementation
• Can provide protection from oxidative stress
• Can give a stronger immune system
• Can help with bone health
• Can help with teeth health
• Can improve vision
• Can help with tireness and fatigue
• Can help with regulation of hormonal activity
• Can help with collagen formation for bones
• Can help with collage formation for blood vessels
• Can help with the normal functio of cartilage


• Pure Acai Berry is a food supplement and isn't a replacement for a balanced,

varied and healthy lifestyle or for regular exercise.
• Pure Acai Berry isn't intended to treat, prevent or diagnose any disease

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