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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Join GiftHulk Win Cash and Prizes Get Rewards

GiftHulk is a fantastic online membership site where you can earn Hulk Coins which you can exchange for gift cards and cash. You can also enter sweepstakes to win. You can do surveys, complete crowdflower tasks, watch GiftHulk TV, and earn coinseasily. It is a website which can earn you extra cash while doing things you would usually do online. I am not just trying to promote GiftHulk but just explain about the benefits of its many features.

You join for free and starting Hulk Coins, Go to the OfferWalls and download apps, sign up for free and paid offers, take up free trial offers, watch videos and visit websites. The offer walls will give you Hulk Coins each time you complete an offer. The coins are usually credited to your account straightaway or at least within the hour, but some surveys will take up to two or three days to process.

Take a look at this forum post I just made on Adland Pro about GiftHulk,

You can also play games to win Hulk Coins like Guess My Card and Fountain Of Youth and you can enter sweepstakes to win prizes like Amazon, Walmar, Facebook Credits and PayPal Gift Cards.

If you want to join and try it out just go to and use my invite code AC947411

Once you reach the minimum number of Hulk Coins required you can buy PayPal cash, and other gift cards. The minimum is 5000 points which converts to $5.

It's a similar website to SwagBucks and if you are familiar with SwagBucks you'll know how may ways there are to earn SwagBucks being a member there. At GiftHulk there are so many ways to earn Coins that you will quickly be able to start entering Sweepstakes for cash and other prizes.

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