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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Body Detox Through Acupuncture and Massage

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Aside from pills, herbs, exercise and diets, many have tried other methods for body detoxification. These are massage and acupuncture. These have been popularized in the East as effective methods of a full body detoxification. Detoxification is the process of eliminating unwanted and harmful toxic substances from the body, which are stored in the kidneys, liver, intestines, lymph, skin, lungs, and body fats. The body fats are also eradicated during the process causing a dramatic weight loss. Acquired toxins usually come from industrial chemicals, hair-coloring products and skin care and beauty products. In addition, aside from the cleansing of the body, a full body detox also helps in avoiding degradation of health and severe diseases, especially cancer.

Acupuncture is considered to be one of the effective methods of body detox in terms of enhancing the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. This plays a big role in transporting the toxins and wastes away from the body. Acupuncture comes from an ancient Chinese method for healing that involves the insertion of hair-thin needles into the skin on specific locations to encourage the flow of energy or what they term as "chi". What makes people turn to acupuncture as a body detox method is the fact that it reduces the stress level and makes the recovery and adjustment period bearable. Other than improving the circulation of blood, acupuncture also enhances the function of the immune system, which consequently helps the person in preventing illnesses. It also plays a big role in the improvement of the digestive system.

Meanwhile, when you choose massage as part of your body detox program, your circulatory system will get a boost from the rhythmic strokes that stimulate the body. Naturally, when your body relaxes in a massage, the toxins inside your body will be easier to eliminate. Then, after the massage it is important to drink a glass or two of water so that the toxins will be flushed out immediately. Just like acupuncture, massages also help in the improvement of the digestive system, which plays a crucial role in the detoxification process. It also brings about the enhancement and betterment of your immune system, helping you in warding off diseases. Massage, when it makes a person relaxed, muscle tissues particularly, bowel movement will be easier, avoiding constipation. Chinese massages are said to be the most effect detoxifying method, however, Swedish or Shiatsu massages are also considered helpful in the detoxification process, towards a cleaner and healthier you.

Certainly, massages and acupuncture can be the most exciting body detox method a person can involve him to, instead of diets and workouts. These sure are bonuses to a body detox program. However, acupuncture or massage alone cannot do the work. It should still be important that you follow a healthy diet, which involves high-fiber foods like fruits and vegetables. Various body detox recipes are already being circulated and shared among friends that are very easy to execute at home. Also, to ensure a continuous detoxification process it is still advisable that you engage yourself in physical activities. Remember that sweating is a good way to eradicate those toxic substances from your system.

About the Author:
John Khu is a health enthusiast and author of a new eBook titled "Body Detox Tips". He is devoted to educate others on the benefit of body detoxification. He is also the owner of the website called which provides complete and up-to-date information.

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