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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Decorative Boxes Gifts - More Than Just A Pretty Face

Elizabeth E Copeland (1866 - 1957) Covered Box...
Elizabeth E Copeland (1866 - 1957) Covered Box, circa 1915 Metalwork, Silver and cloisonné (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Decorative Box
Decorative Box (Photo credit: Dinner Series)
Copyright © 2010-2013 Robert Moore

Decorative boxes are more than just another box with a pretty face. These beautiful containers have adorned rooms and held treasures and keepsakes for centuries. They are also functional and practical. In fact, boxes dating back to the 17th century were functional first and then decorated for appeal. They were designed with compartments inside the boxes for needles, silk and embroidery supplies and then later adorned with silk and beading on the outside. Today's version of these treasure holders still serves both purposes - beauty and function.

Decorative boxes come in a variety of sizes, designs and shapes. In addition to being beautiful additions to any room's décor, you can find one to suit your storage needs as well. Decorative storage boxes do just that. Much like the earlier boxes, they are designed with multiple-sized compartments for a variety of uses. They are great for storing craft, embroidery and sewing supplies in an attractive storage space for any room. Choose a different one for each storage purpose. Wooden decorative boxes are great for keepsakes as well as storing cherished papers, clippings and mementos. You will find many uses for these appealing storage devices.

When we think of boxes, we think of square or rectangular containers. It's the first thought that enters our mind. However, you may be surprised to learn that there is an ample supply of other shapes that are suitable for many uses. Did you know boxes can be round? Round boxes are perfect for many needs and not just as hat boxes. Heart shaped decorative boxes are great for storage or keepsake boxes as well as decoration.

When you think of decorative boxes, a variety of keepsake and storage boxes may pop into your mind. However, you probably are not thinking of the best known decorative box - the jewelry box. Available in many styles and shapes, jewelry boxes are both functional and aesthetically appealing. Jewelry boxes also make great gifts. Who doesn't like an exquisite and beautiful place to store their precious gems? With compartments specifically made for rings, necklaces and other items, they are a perfect blend of function and style. Musical jewelry boxes enchant both little girls and grown women alike. The sound of music playing as you gaze upon a special ring or necklace makes the memories even stronger. A jewelry box is a great gift for a special occasion or any occasion.

Keepsake boxes also make great gifts. A heart-shaped box to keep letters, photos and mementos of your relationships and life is a thoughtful and caring touch. A wooden decorative box for high school, college or friendship memories is another great gift idea. Know an expectant mother? A keepsake box to store all the memories and mementos of her new baby is a unique and treasured gift. Any new life event or experience can be represented by another box. The possibilities are endless!

Decorative boxes are the perfect blend of style and function for gift giving and keepsakes alike. Decorative boxes are indeed more than just a box with a pretty face, they are beautiful memory holders and functional storage space.

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To find these and hundreds of other great gift selections for all occasions, visit us online at Always New Arrivals and Gifts On Sale. Written by Robert Moore.

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