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Friday, 12 July 2013

When A Strong Woman Can Make You A Better Man

English: Two models on the runway in clothes a...
English: Two models on the runway in clothes at a fashion show in , Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Copyright © 2009-2013 Coalton Reynolds

Behind every man, there is a strong women.

After my recent split with my girlfriend of two years I have found myself thinking how much I have changed. At first, I just thought I was only different around her, but now I seem to be a totally different person.

Does being in such a serious relationship make a man change? Obviously spending a lengthy period of time with anyone will change a certain aspect of your life, whether it be something trivial, your fashion sense or in my case my masculinity.

I believe I was so infatuated with this woman, and I spent so much time with her that I actually became "One of the girls". At first I guess it sounds pretty bad, but really its not. The easiest way to have an understanding of women is to spend time with them, hang out with them. You pick up their habits and every women wants a man to go watch a chick-flick with them, and not with someone who is going to pretend to be interested.

Picking up a female's habits are really not that bad though, you might find yourself talking to her about hair and clothes, but the first thing you will notice is that you actually do take much better care of yourself, and you have become a lot more polite. These are the most obvious and the beginning signs that she is starting to "mold" you.

Whether a women wants to admit it or not, when they are in a relationship with a man, they see us for what we are and then they see the potential. They like to change a man to make him more attractive, for their pleasure and maybe their reputation... I don't know, but its true.

You will find yourself dressing in clothes that she has picked for you which "improve" your appearance, but do they? I doubt that there is one guy out there who hasn't received a bad present from a partner, the majority of these will be clothes, matching jumpers, bright shirts, floral patterns and the dreaded skinny jeans.

I used to be a long haired surfer dude, (who couldn't surf), and now with the "guidance" of that special lady I have short neat hair, and I guess you could say I dress preppy. Huge transformation?

English: A model on the runway in clothes at a...
English: A model on the runway in clothes at a fashion show in , Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Well I can let you into a secret, most men can - but a lot of us can't - learn how to say no! Tell her enough is enough, unless you want to change.

Think of it this way, the A-list celebs we all see on TV don't pick their own clothes, they have personal shoppers - women they pay to tell them what to wear! And us the lucky guys have it free.

I'm not just saying that women control what we wear, they also control what we eat, our mannerisms and the way we look at other women. Well done girls!

I can honestly say some women have such power to make a man look at the floor when a hot women walks into the room! I know this because I was with a very "powerful" woman.

But if you know how to control it you can avoid it, and another secret women think we don't know is that they indirectly use sex as a weapon. Think of that however you might, but it's true. Women control us, and we let them, and we love them for doing it. It does make us better people, and we love them for it.

One day women will rule the world, although at the moment it may be from behind the scenes. Either way, no man will ever be more powerful, than the woman who made him.

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Coalton Reynolds writes about dating and relationships. If you are exploring the online adult dating scene, you may want to consider due to its large membership base of people looking for relationships of all kinds.

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