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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Best Stretch Mark Creams: Choosing The Best Cream For You

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Numbers show that up to 90% of all women can expect to get stretch marks from pregnancy. Stretch marks are caused by rapid lengthening of the skin as a woman suddenly gains a fairly large amount of weight in a short time, particularly during the 7th month of pregnancy onwards. As a result, the limits of the skin are passed and small tears occur that appear as red lines fading to white as time passes.

Stretch marks are commonly found on the abdomen but can be seen in other parts of the body. Many women find these marks unsightly and have tried all methods of treatment to get rid of them. One of the most popular treatments for stretch marks available on the market today due to their effectiveness and comparably low cost are stretch mark creams.

Treatment of stretch marks depends on a number of factors such as complexion, amount of stretch, age, age of the stretch marks, among others. Since each case varies considerably, different creams would have different results. But generally, a good stretch mark cream would still have some positive effects.

The Best Stretch Mark Creams Ingredients

One good way to choose the best stretch mark cream would be to check out the ingredients. Check for moisturizers (such as cocoa butter), vitamins (B5, E, D) and exfoliating ingredients (Glycolic Acid). Good creams usually have several of each important ingredient and this way, you can check for products that you may have adverse reactions to (some women are allergic to exfoliating ingredients).

Get Professional Advice

Asking your gynecologist or dermatologist about their recommendation works, their years of medical education as well as professional experience gives them a good idea on how to treat stretch marks and choosing the best stretch mark cream.

Go With A Well-Known Brand

Choosing a well-known brand also works, these brands are usually expensive because they do deliver results. An alternative to this is to find a cream with a money back guarantee. This way, if the cream doesn't work, you're free to spend your money on another cream.

Get Recommendations From Other Users

Asking friends or other stretch mark plagued acquaintances can help you with the trial and error process since they can tell you their experiences with what they feel is the best stretch mark cream. Family is also another good place to ask. Since skin types and disposition to stretch marks are hereditary, stretch marks that work for immediate family or relatives would probably have the same effects for you.

Do Your Own Research

The best way to choose however would be to do your own research. Check out pregnancy forums for the experience of other women, and even doctors and scientists, regarding the best stretch mark cream. Also, knowing about stretch marks allows you to choose the stretch mark cream with the proper ingredients targeted to your specific problem.

The process of trial and error can usually be eliminated through a good base of knowledge by consulting with friends and knowing what you want and need. Using the above methods, you can easily find the best stretch mark creams for you. Trying to look for stretch mark creams that actually work? Check out the above link for all the details.

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Interested in losing those stretch marks? Find out how you can get started fading them today with proven all natural stretch mark removal solutions. And for more tips on reducing stretch marks and cellulite visit our website: Cavyl Stewart writes about health topics.

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