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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Building the Perfect Backyard Playground for Your Kids

Combination playground equipment (plastic)
Combination playground equipment (plastic) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Doesn't this playground look like so ...
English: Doesn't this playground look like so much fun? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Every child loves to play at the playground, and nothing is better than having your very own playground in the backyard. It's as exciting to a child as Christmas morning. How do we as parents pick out the perfect outdoor play set for them?

Bringing your child with you to pick it out is key. The excitement of getting to decide which one to bring home can become one of their fondest childhood memories. Plus, you will be able to ensure that it is something they will be sure to enjoy.

Before you head to the store though, you'll need to take some measurements. Looking around your yard, you're going to need to find the perfect spot to put it. Obviously you are going to need a fairly large space, on flat ground. If you're opting for one with swings, you will need to make sure there is adequate room for your little one to swing without running into things like the fence.

Once you've picked the spot and have your measurements, it's time to take them to the store.

It can be a bit intimidating once you get there. There are so many different types of outdoor play sets to pick from. Which one is right for you?

Here's some tips to help you pick the perfect one:

Do you want one that will work for your child as he grows up? Or are you willing to get the smaller set for him now, and get a bigger one meant for older children later.

Different sets have additions that can be purchased separately. Do you want to go with a basic one right now, and add on more parts as he grows?

Material is another big decision. Wood can be much softer and inviting then the newer metal ones, but at the same time carries the risk of splinters and even catching on fire. Metal is sturdy, and will outlast wood when taken care of properly, but can be cold and slippery when the weather is on the cooler side. Not to mention if you are in a really damp climate, it can rust easily and become quite a danger to your child.

Another thing to consider is how many children you have, or will have playing on the play set. Some are designed for only a few children, while others have enough space and additions that plenty of children can play on it.

Picking out a play set for your child isn't as easy as it first appears. There are many different decisions that go into picking out the perfect one to add to your backyard. Once you've decided though, it will be well worth the time and effort to see your little one's face light up at having their very own backyard playground.

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