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Sunday, 3 February 2013

How certain foods can benefit your skin

Have you ever wondered why so many beauty and skin care products contain elements of foods that we eat everyday? It's because a lot of food contains vitamins and minerals which can benefit your skin if applied directly to the skin.

In fact natural beauty products and homemade face masks have become very popular over the last few years.

What about the LUSH store? All their products are made freshly every week using fruits, vegetables and herbs mixed with products like yogurt, honey and milk.

The Body Shop also uses a lot of natural products in their beauty products. Skin moisturizers with almond, avocado and strawberries. Face masks with honey and body scrubs with oatmeal.

And there are a lot of offline and online books you can get which show you how to even prepare your own beauty and skin care products at home using simple recipes for your face, body and hair.

If you know what vitamins and minerals and nutrients foods have in them you will see how beneficial they are used in any beauty recipe.

Smooth pores, refine skin tone, moisturize, cleanse, anti age and removing wrinkles are just some of the things that skin care products with food ingredients in them can do.

Just take a look at this e book THE BEAUTY OF FOOD, available to purchase and download online. The author HANAN, from Persia shares her beauty secrets with her readers which she inherited from her mother and using foods you probably already have in your fridges and cupboards.

In this e book she shows you how when certain foods are applied to your skin, you can achieve amazing results - tighter, smoother skin. Anti ageing remedies, and skin care products made at home to give you BEAUTIFUL SKIN.

Plus use her simple tips to get shining beautiful and healthy hair and use her advice to repair your skin to prevent the ageing process and anti ageing process.

It's only $17 for this invaluable e book and will only stay at this price for the first thousand copies sold.
Take a look now, it's an investment which could save you thousands in expensive beauty products and SAVE YOUR SKIN from harsh chemicals and damage.


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