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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Get jobs online using your apps!!

If you're looking for a job it can be hard. I always check the online websites to try and get any self employed work I can. There a great site called Freelancer. com I like this site as you join for free and fill out your profile with your skills listed. You then bid for jobs that advertisers list. For example, the employer lists his/her job and the requirements. You click and place your bid. If you get the job you'll get paid either to your bank account or into your PayPal or other payment processor.
Another website which is good for business networking and fishing work is LinkedIn. You have your profile and can upload your CV. And you can network with other members and connect with companies you want to.
If you have a tablet you'll be able to download the LinkedIn job search app. Other good apps for jobs include Glass door, Jobsite and many others.
Here are a few keywords you could use when you search through each job sites for available jobs. Please note they could be full or part time and either permanent or temporary types of jobs. You can also search for Work At Home jobs.
You can also choose the area of business you are interested and then search for the job within that field.
Blogger, creative content, beauty writer, writer, fashion stylist, internet marketing, ecommerce, retail, advertising, music, customer services,

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