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Monday, 8 August 2016

Making some extra cash online

Recently I've found all these apps you can add to your IOS and Android tablets for free. If you want to make some extra cash online these apps may be a way to do it. Let's see all the ways you can make money by using these different apps.

Trying out free trials for different online services
Watching trailers for movies and new games
Downloading and trying out apps
Signing up for paid services.
Playing online Facebook games and games you can download from Google Play and Apple
Watching short videos and reading articles
Doing website searches

The list is endless and you can do all this for free.

The other way you can earn is to get as many points ts as you can by using the app and then exchanging them for cash or gift vouchers for popular and well known on and offline shops

You'll also be automatically entered into cash and prize competitions

Another way to earn money online is to upload your own photos and put them up for sale. There are a few apps you can use which allow you to do this and they also have tasks assigned where they ask you to take photos of travel or of your own experiences. Depending on the task you take the relevant photo and then upload it. If your photo is accepted you get paid. Simple!

Other apps you can find which are very popular are the ones which you get cash back for everything you buy online and sometimes offline. You may also be able to scan your receipt and get cash back just for buying things at your local supermarket.

The new trend of using apps and your tablet on the go can mean huge savings for a family and single people. You can save on buying groceries and also save on shopping online plus most of the online membership sites have a loyalty rewards program where you can earn points which you can either cash in or exchange for gift vouchers or even shop online with.

And perhaps the easiest way to make some extra cash is to have a clear out at home and sell all your unwanted clutter. Almost like having a boot sale online The difference with the selling apps from eBay and amazon is that you can't sell them by auction and the buyer will usually collect the items and pay you with cash

The good thing about all these apps is that they are not affiliate programs or even MLM and can be used by all ages. You really do not have to be an internet or computer expert to use them as they are usually easy to follow and have tutorials and How To Guides in your members area.

I've mentioned a few of the apps I use but over the next couple of posts I'll explain them in more detail with photos and give links to my profiles so that you get an idea how to use them.

See the photos below, they're screenshots of my tablet showing some of the Apps I've got installed and which I use to make extra money online.

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