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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Getting Ready For Spring and Summer!

Hi Everyone How are you today? The weather in UK is finally changing and the warm weather has come with the beginning of Spring. Let's hope for a hot and LONG SUMMER!!

For all you Fashionistas out there this means a time for a REVAMP! You might want to change your hair, your make up and your whole wardrobe if you're truly a dedicated Fashion and Style follower. However, you may want to just make a few tweaks here and there.

What's in store for the Summer, HOT REDS or SOFT NATURAL PASTEL COLORS?

Are you going for the WEDGE heel, STILETTO or fashionable low SANDALS?

What about your Spring and Summer wardrobe? Will it be filled with tight fitting dress, trousers and skirts or are you following the loose flowing look with baggy silky tops and long dresses?

Now's the time to decide. Either go for a mix and match or try one or the other to make a definite statement about who you are!

1 comment:

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