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Sunday, 8 December 2013

What Makeup For The Holiday Season?

Your Party Season Make Up

Here are a few ideas on how to glam up your make up style over Christmas and get into the festive spirit.

Glitter goes well with any make up or outfit for all women during the Holiday Season. You can wear naturally colored lip gloss with glitter sparkles to brighten up your lipstick and give your lips a Christmas glitter.

Having semi permanent make up done can save you time and serve as a base for your make up as well. You can have eye liner, your eye brows accentuated and your lips outlined. This lasts for weeks and is a good way to get a good eye brow shape and lip shape.

Pink lip gloss
Pink lip gloss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You can wear bright red lipstick over Christmas or a burgundy color will also add to your Christmas look.

Blue, Green, Gold and Silver eye shadows with eye liner and thick mascara makes your eyes stand out and look dazzling for the evening.

More pastel colors and shiny lip gloss tones down your day look but keeps your make up looking festive.

Buying a make up palette with Christmas colors included is a must for taking with you when you go out.

And you could also invest in a bronzer brush on a stick to pop into your handbag to refresh your bronzed glowing look.

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