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Saturday, 21 December 2013

It's Christmas in 4 Days!

christmas tree
christmas tree (Photo credit: fsse8info)
English: Fireworks over Copenhagen the night b...
English: Fireworks over Copenhagen the night before New Year's Eve (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's Christmas on Wednesday and it's time to get all your last minute shopping done on and offline. It's the last day for shopping online to be in time for Christmas but I think you can get presents like flowers and chocolates delivered the next day or straight away if you pay a price. In fact if you want to get any toys or clothes or other items online you should be able to if you pay the express shipping fee. Your things will probably arrive on Monday or Tuesday.

And what about going out?

It's New Year's Eve the following week so I hope that everyone is getting ready for a big party or celebration.

Enjoy the holidays, I'll be posting some Christmas news later and also some more beauty and fashion tips and videos....Bye for now Toya..

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