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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Deciding What To Wear Over Christmas?

What are you going to wear over Christmas? What parties are you going to?

You may need some party dresses, shoes, bags and new jewelry.

And a warm Christmas coat so that you can just wear your dress underneath.

Depending on where you are going and what you are doing you will need different outfits to wear and getting ready in advance will save you time and all you have to do is pick your clothes for the day or evening event you are going to.

For example, you might be spending Christmas Day at your parent's house or with your in laws. Or you could have a Christmas Eve dinner, drinks or party to go to and need something for the evening. And if you are going to Church you will also need an appropriate suit, dress, top and skirt to wear.

And if you are going clubbing to a Christmas party or out to a Glam bar or Chic restaurant you'll want to get your party clothes ready.

Matching shoes are important as well as your hand bag, jacket or coat.

Are you wearing patent or plain shoes? Low or High Heels? And what color?

Are your bags matching your shoes? Or will you use your favorite Christmas time bags?

Whatever you decide to wear over Christmas it's better to look through your wardrobe and get ready early on so that you can buy what you need and be ready over the Holiday Season to enjoy yourself.

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