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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Organizing A Christmas Party?

Are You Planning a Christmas Party? This Is What You Need To Consider Are You Planning a Christmas Party? This Is What You Need To Consider
By Sila Rodney
With the prevailing economic climate, many households and companies may be questioning the purpose of having a Christmas celebration. For companies, Christmas parties seek to remind the staff members that they are part of the overall company goal. Therefore, Christmas parties help to motivate staff to work towards the common endeavor. The factors to consider when organizing a Christmas party include:
The cost of a party can be high, and thus it is important to set aside enough money for a successful function. Many companies have discovered the value of entertaining employees far outweighs the cost. Employee loyalty, motivation, networking and team spirit is the outcome of any successful party. This often has significant impact on productivity. The party can offer a grand opportunity to present annual recognition awards, which goes a long way in celebrating successes and encouraging improved personal performance.
Venue of the party
One of the most important decisions to make when you are considering a party for employees or colleagues is the venue. Where you choose to hold the event is borne to make a significant difference. It has the capacity of ensuring the success of the party. The location of the venue should be considered carefully; you need to ensure it is accessible to all the invited guests. Find out whether transport will be readily available to get some guests home. If you have chosen a venue that is far it is important to provide transport for the guests.
Highlights of the party
It is important to consider what you want included in the party. Some of the important highlights include casual refreshments, a sit-down meal, buffet or a bar. You could also consider live entertainment in the form of a magician for Christmas parties or a live band. Games such as Secret Santa or a fancy dress competition can be exciting. These highlights need to be determined before choosing the venue because some of the venues may not be in a position to accommodate all your needs.
Some of the Christmas venues provide the decorations while others may require you to do your own decorations. If you are providing your own decorations, it is important to ensure they convey a desirable message. Therefore, if you are hosting a Christmas party for kids, the decorations will be different from what you may consider in a party hosted for teenager. The decorations for a Christmas party for your employees may demand more creativity because you are dealing with adults who expect more.
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