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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Energy Drinks Boost Your Day

AM DAILY DETOX - A daily detox drink that works at the cellular levelSure, you might not think taking a shot first thing in the morning is good for you—but if you’re throwing back this antioxidant-packed formula, it’s one of the best things you can do for your health. The grape-flavored beverage (referred to by DK’s team as a ‘longevity booster’) tackles toxins at the cellular level with red wine grapes, berries, lycopene, resveratrol and pycnogenol® pine bark. But it doesn’t stop there: it also boosts your ability to detox naturally by triggering your body’s own antioxidant ‘factory’ with Extramel® Melon Pulp. It’s the perfect way to wake up to wellness and make fighting free radicals the first thing on your daily ‘to-do’ list. Box of 30 packets (.3 oz each). • Works to remove toxins, disarm free radicals and combat oxidative damage to the cells and skin• Boosts your body’s own capacity to detox• Helps protect cells from further damage. Pack of 30 sticks


David Kirsch energy bubbles (262)

 Put a spring in your step without the superfluous sugar and calories of ordinary energy drinks with Energy Bubbles by David Kirsch. This bubbly, citrus-flavoured energy drink lets you fuel your body and mind naturally with a potent blend of yerba mate, taurine, ginseng, potassium and B vitamins, plus body-fat-reducing, muscle-building chromium. Whether you’re prepping for a killer workout or just need extra juice to deal with the day’s demands, our energy drinks are the healthiest way to sip your way to more ‘zip’. (Later, latte.) Contains: Box of 10 test tubes, .4 oz each.

David kirsch vitamin super juice (266) provides essential vitamins & wellness boostersThrow away all of the vitamin jars and replace your skinny lattes with this David Kirsch's powerful, energising, green tea infused Vitamin Super Juice!why it works• Provides essential vitamins and minerals, plus wellness boosters • Contains herbs like ginger, aloe vera, ginseng, echinacea and liquorice to aid in digestion, energy, relaxation and immunity. • Available in Orange or Raspberry flavour Box of 30 packets

(.21 oz per sachet)
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