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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Effective Cellulite Treatment: 5 Proven Ways To Lose Cellulite

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Any person who has seen improvement with areas affected by cellulite knows that a lot of effective cellulite treatment starts with choosing the right treatment method. However, this part can be quite confusing for many, as there are a lot of choices out there! Here is some info on five of the best cellulite treatment options today to help you decide.

VelaShape Cellulite Treatment

VelaShape is a device that is FDA-approved and boasts the ability to reduce cellulite problems (while firming the treated areas) with as few as four treatments, which is impressive indeed. VelaShape smooths and reshapes problem areas by using a combination of infrared light energy, bipolar radio frequency, vacuum effects and a mechanical massage feature. This treatment is available in clinics and laser centers all over, and you can search for one close by on their website.

Accent Laser Cellulite Treatment

Another method available through your doctor is the Accent Laser, which is a non-invasive treatment which also uses radio frequency to help tighten up your skin. However, the Accent Laser is the only treatment method which uses both unipolar and bipolar radio frequency as part of its treatment, which allows it to heat two layers of tissue.

VelaSmooth Cellulite Treatment

Your local clinic may also offer VelaSmooth, which tackles the problem of cellulite by using bipolar radio frequency as well as electrical-optical synergy to increase oxygen in the skin cells that are treated. By heating these areas thusly, effective cellulite treatment is gained because the amount of stored energy decreases the sizes of fat chambers in the areas that are targeted. Smaller areas, such as your neck and arms, can be treated, and the method is also helpful with muscle aches and pains.

SmoothShapes Cellulite Treatment

English: Skin layers
English: Skin layers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
SmoothShapes is available through many providers worldwide as a method of effective cellulite treatment, too. SmoothShapes uses what is referred to as Photomology technology for its non-invasive treatments. Laser wavelengths are used in conjunction with contoured rollers and a slight vacuum effect in order to liquefy fat cells and make them smaller and uniform in shape. Meanwhile, collagen is also rejuvenated in treatment areas, and better circulation is promoted in the areas as well.

Endermologie Cellulite Treatment

Endermologie actually includes a couple of different non-invasive treatments- Lipomassage and Liftmassage. Lipomassage is most applicable to the problem of cellulite build-up, and entails both the smoothing and the slimming down of fat cells. This greatly improves the appearance of your skin by minimizing the fat cells and also just giving you much smoother skin over your problem areas. The cellular stimulation provided by Endermologie technology is the secret, and you can find these treatments all over the world, as well.

The best part of all of these effective cellulite treatment options is that they are all non-invasive. While they will vary in cost and availability according to your area and other factors, they are all alike in that they are quick treatments that won't require extensive recovery or put you at risk for a lot of annoying side effects or other issues. Only you can decide which of these is best for you, but they are all great treatment methods!

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Interested in losing that cellulite? Find out how you can get started fading them today with proven and effective cellulite treatments. And for more tips on reducing stretch marks and cellulite visit our website: Cavyl Stewart writes about health topics.

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