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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Decorating Christina Aguilera's House With Flowers

English: Christina Aguilera on the Stripped To...
English: Christina Aguilera on the Stripped Tour Espa├▒ol: Christina Aguilera en el Stripped Tour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Christina Aguilera performing "Dirrty&quo...
Christina Aguilera performing "Dirrty" on the Back to Basics Tour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Christina Aguilera
Cover of Christina Aguilera
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Having recently married, Christina Aguilera, like many newlyweds, is probably working on setting up and decorating her house to make it more of a home. Flowers are an excellent way to brighten up any room in the house, and new trends in decorating with flowers emerge every day.

When you or guests enter your home, you want the first space in your home to bring a feeling of welcome and set the tone for the rest of the house. Your entranceway gives the first impression of your home. If you don't have an entryway space inside your front door before you enter other rooms, use flowers outside the door. Try hanging a wreath on your front door-grapevine or straw will work well. Attach small vases to the wreath and place fresh cut flowers in them. If you do have an entranceway space, you might display a favorite piece of artwork and use flowers to help draw eyes to it. If the piece is a sculpture placed on a pedestal, you could drape the pedestal with flowers. Or, for a warmer, friendlier feeling, set a basket of fresh flowers on a table.

In many homes, the kitchen is the gathering place. Flowers can be used in any number of creative ways to brighten up your kitchen. Try placing small clay pots in a windowsill and fill them with plant varieties that love the sun. You might even grow your own herbs, which can be a delightful decoration while being useful as well. If your kitchen is the cozy, old-fashioned kind, flowers will look great in antique water pitchers or teapots.

Keep your bedroom and guest bedroom smelling deliciously fresh using fragrant flowers like lilacs, tea roses, lilies, peonies, or freesias. If you happen to grow them in your own yard, snip a few and place them in a bud vase on the dresser or bedside table. These flower varieties are also available from your local florist. If you prefer to use a less fragrant flower variety, you can still keep the room smelling fresh by placing a bud vase down inside a clear glass bowl filled with potpourri.

Your living room or family room can be made either warmer or brighter, depending on the colors and styles of flowers you use. If you'd like to brighten up your living room during the summer and you have a fireplace, consider placing a large arrangement in the hearth. You can carry that feeling to other areas of the room by using the same flower varieties in smaller vases placed on end tables or shelves. For a warming effect, float a few large blooms, such as those from a gardenia or gerbera daisy, in a crystal bowl with floating candles.

Regardless of the room, flowers can be used to achieve any look you like. If you're at a loss for how you can use flowers in your home, take photographs of the spaces in your home where you'd like to add flowers and ask your florist for help. Your home can be even more beautiful than it is now-even if you don't live in a mansion the likes of Christina Aguilera's.

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