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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Choosing a Homemade Soap Recipe

English: Handmade soaps sold at Hyères, France...
English: Handmade soaps sold at Hyères, France Français : Savons artisanaux en vente à Hyères, France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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If you are just starting out in soap making, it is important that you choose the right homemade soap recipe. Choosing a recipe that is too complicated will usually end in frustration and wasted ingredients. Below are some tips you can use to find a good soap recipe to start with in your soap making adventure.

#1 - Choose the Right Method

While it may seem obvious, you should first choose the soap making method you want to learn before you start looking for a recipe. If your intention is to learn how to make homemade soap completely from scratch, you'll want to start with the cold process.

#2 - Make Sure It's Simple

soap sale
soap sale (Photo credit: jessamyn)
It would probably be best not to try your hand at a complicated recipe right off the bat. Start with a simple recipe that uses a few basic ingredients. Once you are able to make this simple soap well and have mastered the fundamentals, then you can move up to other techniques like swirling and embedding botanicals.

#3 - Use a Homemade Soap Recipe from an Established Source

Soap Box Co Order (1)
Soap Box Co Order (1) (Photo credit: ovistine)
Due to the nature of soap making and the need for precise measurements, it is important that the recipe you choose comes from an established source. This will work to ensure that the recipe has been tested and has worked for other people. Imagine the frustration of using a recipe that was flawed to begin with! You may do everything right but the soap just would not come out properly.

#4 - Choose a Recipe with Ingredients You Like

You may be tempted to make a soap that has a scent that a family member or friend likes, however, it is best to stick to what you like at first. This is because you will want to make a batch or two before you are ready to let others try out your soap. You don't want to be stuck with a soap that has a scent that you don't enjoy for those first few batches!

A collection of decorative soaps, commonly fou...
A collection of decorative soaps, commonly found in places such as hotel bathrooms. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
#5 - Choose a Fun Recipe

While it may seem like the only fun recipes are the complicated ones, there are plenty of simple recipes that are a blast to make! Look around and you will be sure to run into more than enough recipes to keep you busy.

Choosing the right homemade soap recipe to start learning how to make soap isn't very complicated. Use these tips and you'll be on your way to making soap using a great recipe in no time!

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