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Friday, 26 April 2013

What are the summer make up colors this year?

your never alone ... rely on yourself.
your never alone ... rely on yourself. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Here are some ideas for Summer Make Up Colors and Day and Evening Make Up Styles

Summer make up colors

Pinks, Green, Blues, Gold,

Day Makeup

Light pink shades, light blue

Evening Makeup

Green eyes hadows, Gold eye shadows and glitter bronzer for cheek and shoulder highlighting.
Turquoise eye shadows, Eye crayons and pencils with flick at side,
Fake beauty spot on your upper lip right or left corner
Large eyelashes, either use lash building mascara, or fake lash effect mascara or use false eyelashes. Get them done at a beauty salon with your nails, for evening nails use nail art, gems and jewelry or glitter polishes.


Use pink blushers and if you have a glitter highlighter brush on your cheekbones and also on the outside of your eyes, your shoulders and chest.

What about lipstick?

Red and pink lip liner filled in with a color lip gloss in a matching shade.
Or red lipstick with a layer of clear lip gloss and lipstick
Use a lipstick sealant as well to stop your lip stick and lip gloss from running.


For a natural tanned and glowing look using a matching color foundation with bronzers and highlighters for the eyes and your cheeks.

Use a gold lip liner and beige lip color with clear or tinted lip gloss over the top.

Any more ideas?

Leave comments and links to useful articles, magazine entries and blog posts.

Thanks for reading again.

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