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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Want a bigger butt?

Silly tips for a rounder rump

"Formerly flat-booty Jessie steps up her game and discovers how to force her butt to grow"
Let's be honest... the lovely ladies of Hollywood (and men's magazines and reality TV shows) have made us fall in love with BIG, ROUND lady lumps (my humps, my humps, my humps - lol)!
Could it be that you want to make men drool like how Kim Kardashian makes them drool?
And maybe you've even tried to make it bigger too... exercise, pills, gaining weight - none of that really works if you don't know how to do it correctly. And trust me, most of y'all are NOT doing it correctly.

But it's not your fault...

And I have to reveal the truth! That's why I have to share this crazy story about Jessie (the master booty enlarger) with you right now:

==> Jessie got sick and tired of looking at her flatty, so she forced her butt to grow 

Listen, there's bad advice everywhere out there. Advice that can stunt your BUTT GROWTH because you're missing out on some key techniques that are going to turn the butt growth starter switch on for you.

Here's some important stuff I learned from Jessie about that:

1. doing squats and lunges the way most people do them can actually make your booty shrink (there is a secret to overcoming this problem, though)

2. it's nonsense that you're stuck with the body shape you have now because Jessie rounded out her booty with a cheapie tool anyone can get their hands on

3. taking maca could make your booty bigger if you're lucky... Unfortunately, most of us aren't lucky and can get horrible side effects like acne or facial hair from maca. Maca has to be manipulated and used in a DIFFERENT way to make it grow your booty fatter.

I urge you to check out Jessie's story. You're going to get some tips you would be crazy not to use!

==> Here's where you can find the booty growing methods that actually work


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