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Monday, 17 December 2012

Feathers for Christmas Fashion?

Feather Party Dresses For The Christmas Season Feather Party Dresses For The Christmas Season
By Vikki Wright
One of the biggest trends of 2010 is the feather trend.
Right now, feathers are everywhere & with the party season looming upon us, the high street shops have taken cue from the catwalks & have become stocked full of feathery pieces.
Of course this is a trend that has dipped in and out of fashion for years, and in fact the feather began its fashion career way back in the 11th century when men & women decorated their head dresses with them as a sign of high social standing.
Strictly for the wealthy it wasn't actually until the 17th century that feathers were used more universally & feather boas became a fashionable accessory. The popularity of the boa sparked the eventual boom in the international plumage trade in the 18th, 19th and even 20th centuries among ordinary women and entertainers alike.
Cabaret dancers of the last century made feathers erotic by adorning themselves in extravagant feathered outfits & using their boas in erotic shows, whilst the ladies of the time kept feathers classy by using them in their hats and bonnets.
Nowadays feathers are enjoying a massive comeback & this is a trend that's also going to be hot for Spring/Summer 2011; Alexander McQueen, Christian Cota, Giambattista Valli & Zac Posen all showcased feathers in their collections at the S/S 2011 shows, so investing in something feathery now could be a worthy investment.
If you're not really into sequins or fur, feathers are also a chic & pretty alternative for getting noticed this Christmas. The range of varieties also means you don't have to work the feather trend full on. Feathers are appearing on earrings and necklaces, clutch bags, hair pieces and even shoes (for those who want to put their feather fashion foot forward!).
If you love Hollywood glamour & really want to work the trend du jour, a feather boa is always a simple but fabulous way to dress up an outfit at Christmas!
Of course, it doesn't just have to be the fluffy feather look either- you could also choose to wear silk, organza or chiffon feathers, or for the more conservative fashionista, feather prints are totally hot right now as well.
From provocative sexy to elegant and refined, the new feathery designs can suit different occasions from casual to formal to partywear. Any woman can embrace this look and if you don't want to look too over the top just wear feathers on one article of clothing. Most importantly, choose the feather outfit that suits your personality and body type perfectly!
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Work the feather look in nude chiffon
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