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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Find my shops online

I have quite a few things for sale online and I thought I would list some of the websites where you can find them. I also have products listed for companies and stores online where you can buy clothes, jewellery and other items sometimes for a discounted price. You buy online usingg a secure payment processor and then the company sends you the products. The good thing is that you buy direct from the company website so that you know that you are buying from a trusted shop or online retailer.

I also sell second hand and new clothes, jewellery, household and other items direct from Facebook. I also use Shpock if you have a tablet. And sometimes sell in eBay.

You can also buy prints and other products like mugs, place mats, mouse mats,keyrings and more from other websites I am a member of. You can use the artwork and designs I have uploaded and get your prints and photographs framed directly from the companies website where they are listed. Once again the company frame your items and send them direct to you.

For prints, mugs, mats, keyrings etc visit

For cosmetics and beauty and skincare products visit Cosmetic Internet at

On Facebook Toyas Online Shop

Watch out for my post about things I'm selling on eBay and Triple Clicks

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